The begining of the project

In October 2005 our school was visited by a group of teachers from Sweden. TheyP1000046_1.JPG admired our school which is well equipped and beautifuly situated. They were impressed by the level of our teaching methods, our protective and educational work. Thanks to the visit our school was given an offer of joining an international project "FLY LIKE A BIRD", which is being realized as a part of Socrates - Comenius programme, financed by European Union.
The project was prepered by Swedish, Polish, Spanish and Lithuanian teachers. WeP1000058_1.JPG were working on it together from 5th to 7th December 2005 in Halmstad, where in 2003 our local authorities signet an agreement on partnership between Olsztyn and Halmstad. Our visit was paid in full by Swedish side.

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Partner - Schools

GULLBRANDTTORPSSKOLAN - swedish gymnasium in Halmstad. This school is the co - ordinator of project Socrates - Comenius "FLY LIKE A BIRD".

Our visit in Spain

According to the plan of Socrates - ComeniusP1000033_1.JPG project, on 22nd - 28th September 2006 a group of teachers and two students from our school paid a visit to the partner - school in San Sebastian. During our visit we had a wonderful opportunity to see the school, to meet Spanish teachers and students, to visit a beautiful Basque country. We were given a warm reception. We nocited some similarities and differences between our schools and countries.

Most of the time during the visit we were involved in work on our common project "FLY LIKE A BIRD". Teachers and students set the way in which the ams can be P1000179_1.JPGachieved during the school year. We have got common aims but each partner - school suggested own ideas for realization of the project. Our school stated some ideas, among other things, photo and art competitions, about birds will be organized, posters about partner countries will be made, album about Olsztyn and Warmia Region, as well as, presentation about Olsztyn, our school, teachers and students will be prepared. All partner - schools will issue a calendar with birds. We intend to have a "Kick Off Day" together on 20th October 2006. In February 2007 our school in Olsztyn will recive teachers and students from all partner - schools.
Our students stayed with Spanish families. They have made friends with students from Spain and Sweden. We are sure, they will keep in touch with them and also help other students to get in touch with students from partner - schools. Karoline and Martha have got T-shirts with a picture of lamb, which is the symbol of Basque country. You can see them in the picture on the right holding the Basque national flag.

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The presentation to the teachers

On the 4th of October 2006, during the meeting various detailed aims of the projectIMAG0003_1.JPG were presented by the panel. The project consists of gathering different information about the partner countries, preparing the visual presentation of the school and Olsztyn, artistic and photographical contest concerning birds, and preparing albums related to Olsztyn and Warmia-Masuria Voivodship. At the end of the semester we will also release multilingual month calendar with different birds images.


The International Inauguration of the Project

On the 7th and 8th of October all of us celebrated the World and Europe Birds Days. During our visit to San Sebastian we decided to honour and emphasise theseObraz_077_1.jpg Days. Therefore, on the 9th of October 2006, every partner school solemnly inaugurated the start of the “FLY LIKE A BIRD” project. The children prepared a poster which was finally hung in the main hall of our school. On the other hand, the children from younger classes drew and painted birds. What is more, the forthcoming Obraz_072_1.jpgweek will be devoted to completing questionnaires which should be helpful in checking the complete knowledge of partner countries. The analysis of these questionnaires should present how the realisation of our project helped kids to improve their knowledge of partner countries.


The Inauguration ot the project at our school

 On the 27th of October 2006 the “FLY LIKE A BIRD” project was finallyP1000352_1.JPG inaugurated. On this day the students from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades were preparing posters about diffrent partner countries. In order to prepare posters the students had to collect plenty information about these countries (including: geographical position, national emblems, culture, language, and demographical data). Afterwards, all of theP1000351_1.JPG posters were hung in the hall in order to create the exhibition related to the countries which take part in the project. The posters were not only filled with helpful pieces of information about our countries, but also very neat. It was clearly visible to see that the students put a lot of effort into the realisation process.
The climax of the “FLY LIKE A BIRD” event was the road sign instalment whichP1000371_1.JPG included the partner cities names and distances between them and Olsztyn.
On this day students took their tests which checked their knowledge of partner countries. The test will be retaken in June. By this time the children should know much more details about our countries what is one of the project aims.



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